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Caribbean Catamarans
This private catamaran deserve to be placed on pedestals, because over the period of one year have been delicately selected from 60 or 70 hopefuls. We grade our teams, on gorgeous service, presentable happy professional captains-crew, and world class cuisine, the quality of their respective yachts, what water toys they carry onboard, and how they provide gracious fun living for our clients. The slightest advantage they show above their competitors means the higher up the ratings they climb. To see one of the best caribbean catamarans in the industry today click here

Luxury Catamarans
The second major decision after location is, is what type of craft? The modern catamarans are stable and spacious, which compliments these protected lagoons. The demand for these types of comfortable catamarans has blown across the industry like a wild prairie fire burning out of control. The main reason is comfort, space, magnificent stability, privacy and elegance with equal cabins for all. This catamarans have single-handily taken the comfort level on the sea to a higher plain, more stable than sailboats and power yachts! With this combination you are assured of a magnificent vacation. No crowds, no regimental times to stick to, go wherever you like, when you like, you set the pace, your captain is your guide. Begin your vacation on any day of the week, 7 to 12 days is the minimum and perfect time frame.

Catamarans do not heel over when they sail and it is this single aspect, which has won the hearts of the ladies who love us. Here is your luxury apartment gently moving to uninhabited caribbean islands in the sun. These catamarans give women what women want, the comfort of home, while on vacation.

The catamarans have several advantages over monohulls
- Low draft. You can get to places inaccessible to monohulls.
- Exceptional stability. Even in the strong winds cruising is comfortable.
- Greater speed. You can cover longer distances, or get to your destination faster.
- Gigantic cockpit. You can entertain 10 people in the cockpit alone.
- Net in between the bows. After trying it you will never want to charter a monohull again.
- Spacious salon with panoramic windows. You can enjoy the surrounding caribbean view even if the weather is bad.
- Two engines. For safety and added maneuverability.

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